Here at Rebel Work Mfg, an American made company, we strive to give our customers quality products and services.  We use American made steel to build our signs.  Everything is MADE BY US and in the USA.   We are located in Iola, KS.  We have a shop plus our store to give our customers the ability to see our products and their quality in person and to buy now or place a custom order.

As you can see we do a variety of products at the shop.  Metal Products, vinyl products, business signs, fencing/gates, wood signs and fire pits.

We also do small parts for other businesses.

We specialize in custom/personalized items.  Please check out our photos to see the many custom pieces we have done.

We will not do patented logos or images we can not get permission for.   That is a company decision that we stand by.  

Call Us Today:  620-380-6116